Skynet Malaysia BizApp
Installation Guide
  • SkyPostpaid account API token.
In order to configure your Skynet Malaysia app, you will need your API token. API Token can be obtained from here.
  1. Login to your BizApp system, on the left menu panel, navigate to `PROFIL & TETAPAN` and click `SISTEM` on the right above menu panel.
  2. Scroll down to the `Skynet Api key` in red box
  3. On Skynet Api key box, insert Account No, Access Token and click `KEMASKINI PROFIL` button at the bottom page.

User Guide
Printing Airwaybill
  1. Go to left menu panel, click TEMPAHAN BARU and fill up the form.
  2. After click `HANTAR TEMPAHAN, going back to first page and click the order created using bizapp web page
  3. Click three dots at the right menu panel and click red tab `*HANTAR REKOD KE SISTEM KURIER`.
  4. Select `SKYNET` for courier and fill up the fields.
  6. Click `HANTAR KE SKYNET`.
  7. In the popup message click on `AWB (A4)` button to print out the Airwaybill in the PDF format.