27 Oct 2023  :   There will be a scheduled maintenance on Sat 28 Oct 2023 from 10:00pm-11:00pm. We regret any inconvenience caused.
19 Sep 2023  :   Printed eAWB will now show "Weight declared is subject to Skynet's final verification" as a gentle reminder.
19 Jul 2023  :   The printed date is now smaller, to make way for a QR Code of the AWB Number. This is for your convenience to scan using our new QR.
15 Jun 2023  :   We will have a planned server maintenance on Saturday, 17 June from 11:00pm - 11:30pm, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
09 Jun 2023  :   You can now attach DO AWB sticker to DO Document and Parcel since Skypostpaid will print 2 copies of AWBs in A6 format
15 Feb 2023  :   Please be advised that there will be scheduled maintenance from 18 February 2023 at 08:00PM to 19 February 2023 at 8:00AM. We will be migrating our servers and Skypostpaid will not be accessible during these hours.
14 Dec 2022  :   Need to print by department? Just select your department in Print eAWB and it will be billed accordingly to that department. Do contact our friendly sales representative if you need to create more departments.
11 Oct 2022  :   You can now print eAWB to Singapore!
08 Aug 2022  :   Tariff Calculator is available to use! Click on the 'Billing' to find the calculator.
05 Aug 2022  :   Now you can generate eAWB by Batch! Kindly click on the 'View Batch eAWB' button, and tick on the checkbox to reprint, edit and cancel eAWB in bulky.
11 May 2022  :   You can now Edit eAWB for printed eAWB! Just click the eAWB Number at view eAWB page.
10 May 2022  :   Skynet is now fully integrated with BizApp. Go to Guides / Manual to find out how to print eAWB using BizApp.
15 Apr 2022  :   Now you can Reprint eAWB in bulk and Cancel the wrong eAWB! Kindly click on the 'View eAWB' button, tick on the checkbox to reprint eAWB in bulky. Cancel eAWB by click the eAWB No on the View eAWB Page screen
26 Jan 2022  :   Skynet is now fully integrated with Shopify. Go to Guides / Manual to find out how to link to Shopify.
29 Sep 2021  :   We are pleased to provide a Sandbox API for easier integration with Skynet. For those interested in integrating with us, test it out in our new Sandbox portal in a risk and cost-free environment.
19 Aug 2021  :   Skynet is now fully integrated with EasyStore. Go to Guides / Manual to find out how to link to EasyStore.
16 Apr 2021  :   Are you selling on WooCommerce / OpenCart? Skynet is now fully integrated with both of these platforms. Go to Guides / Manual to find out how to link to WooCommerce and OpenCart
08 Apr 2021  :   Good news for Shopee merchants! You can now directly print your eAWB from your Shopee Order File. Just go to Print eAWB and click on "Load from Excel File" to upload your Shopee Order File.
03 Dec 2020  :   You can now Copy & Paste the recipient address in Print eAWB! Just click the "Copy Paste" button at Recipient Details. Contents and Value are no longer mandatory fields.
10 Nov 2020  :   If you are sending more than 1 box under the same eAWB, system will now print a Sticker/A4 barcode for you to attach to every box. This applies to Single eAWB.
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